Farewell from Hannah Curwen …

I’ve been in Voice Squad for about 10 years; I started out in Bethany’s Brigade and have been a squaddie ever since.
It’s fair to say Voice Squad has been a big part of my family’s life! Both my siblings are ex/current squaddies and my mum is part of the support squad.

I’m definitely not the most outspoken member of the group, so I especially enjoy the fact that singing in a choir is a team effort; I hope I have been an example that being able to perform together as a group is just as important as having the confidence to sing solos and have lead roles. One of the best things about Voice Squad is how everyone there is very different but we all have a shared love of singing together.

My favourite part of Voice Squad has to be the register! It’s worth getting out of bed for! The things you learn about other people… However my favourite Voice Squad memory is probably from cadets when we would all stand around the piano to learn a song and B would tell us to leave space for a small aardvark to get round the piano- I don’t know why but it always made me smile!

Now I’m saying bye to Voice Squad because I’m off to Uni to study chemistry, but I’ll definitely keep singing!

From all of us at Voice Squad; good luck Hannah and do keep up the singing!